About ActiMedia

ActiMedia, a division of WebShop Ltd, is dedicated to providing media contact facilities. WebShop is a leading-edge Web publishing solutions company. WebShop is rapidly expanding, beyond its core business of Web site solutions for business, into the area of content provision.

ActiMedia is WebShop's second venture into content provision. ActiMedia embodies WebShop's commitment to providing a totally market-led approach to Web sites.

The need for ActiMedia was realised through networking with WebShop's extensive range of contacts in the UK journalistic and Public Relations industries. It soon became apparent that journalists often struggle to obtain the information they need. All existing sources were inadequate or inaccurate - and often both. WebShop, using its expertise in marketing, identified the end need and embarked on the creation of ActiMedia. As with all web sites that WebShop designs, the appropriate blend of technology together with an understanding of the market needs have been employed. We feel that ActiMedia represents a quantum leap, in terms of the benefits offered, to its target users.

WebShop is committed to continuous improvement. If you feel that ActiMedia doesn't satisfy your needs, or that we are failing to meet expectations, we want to know. Let us know how we can improve, so that we can remain the best. Satisfied customers are our future, so we will always listen.

You can contact us as follows.  We are always pleased to hear your suggestions on how we can improve ActiMedia to better match your needs.

              +44 (0) 1702 - 307469
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